Golf GamesKeeper provides detailed how-to guides to help you with the different functionalities available to you. Please select from the how-to guides on the left side, if you do not find what you are looking for please contact us.

Every well organized event starts with a well defined group.

When creating a group it's important to understand the effect of each option, so let's start with that.

Group Name:
Your Group name

Track Handicap:
When this option is selected, Golf GamesKeeper will calculate a handicap with only the rounds played within the group. Also note that any players added to this group will be added with a handicap of 0.

Handicap Day (optional):
This option appears only when Track Handicap is selected and allows the group administrator to select a day of the week where the group handicaps are calculated.

Allow Self-Registration:
When this option is selected, Golf GamesKeeper will send an email notification to all members of the group (unless the event is private or the players opt-in options are not set to receive event notifications) when a new event is created. Every player is then allowed to register themselves to an event. Even if a player opts-out of event notification by email, the notification will be saved in his/her notification center accessible through the Dashboard.

Registration Deadline (optional):
When Self-Registration is enabled, this option allows the group administrator to set hard deadlines for event registrations. This option accepts decimal, 1.5 days is 36 hours, so a deadline of 8pm on Thursday for an event at 8am on Saturday.

Net Skins:
% of the Course Handicap to be applied for net skins.

Scorecard playoffs:
These options allows you to select the handicap hole order for the scorecard playoffs. We do not offer USGA scorecard playoffs at this time.

Now that you are familiar with the options of group creation, lets look at a few popular group options.

Q. I want to create a group that tracks handicap, however, I need to start with a handicap for each guy.
A. The best way to do this is to originally create a group that does not track handicap, this way as you add players to your group, Golf GamesKeeper will use their personal index as the group handicap. Once you have played a few rounds within the group, you can turn on track handicap and Golf GameKeeper will now update the handicap for all your players. Please note that in a Group Handicap Calculation, Golf GamesKeeper will not replace your handicap with a non calculated 0.0.

Q. I have a large group of people and I want to invite only a few to play for specific events. How do I do that?
A. This is done through private events. At event creation check the Private check box and on step 3 (Players), invite only the players that you want to get notification of the event. No other notifications will go out.

Q. I created an event and none of my players received the invitation email to participate.
A. Please make sure that your Group allows for self-registration, if it does, your player may have opted-out of event notification. To opt-in for Event Notifications, login to GolfGamesKeeper.com, go to your Profile, Opt-in Options tab, check Event Notifications and click the Save Options button.

When creating an event think about how you want to handle the different settings in the first step.

Event Name:
Your event name

Number of Foursomes:
If you use this option, Golf GamesKeeper will limit the amount of players that can participate in the event. "0" is used for no limit and is the default.

In a private event, the administrator of the group decides which players are invited to the event by selecting them in the Players tab. By default this is unchecked.

Select the date of your event from the popup calendar or by just entering the date.

Multi Round Event:
This option will change the event creation screen and the number of steps to create your event, this is used for both multi day and multi round events.

Event Time:
Select the first starting time of your event from the hour and minute select menus.

Event Type:
Select your event type of either Shotgun or Tee Times.

Select your scoring format, you have multiple options to choose from (Stroke Play, Stableford, Chicago, Shamble (net, gross, or net & gross), and Team net/gross).

Select the point system for this event, you have multiple options to choose from (Regular Season, Team Event, Golf Championships, Majors, Playoffs).

For more information on each point system value refer to this chart.

Select the state, course and tees you are playing. We currently have over 15,000 courses in our database in the United States.

After you have completed the first step of event creation the remainder of the process is pretty straightforward.

Different things to think about when you are creating your events.

Q. How can I limit the number of players in my event?
A. You can do this is 3 ways, the first is using the Number of Foursome(s) option. If you use this option, Golf GamesKeeper will limit the amount of players that can participate in the event. Second, set your event to Private. In a private event, the administrator of the group decides which players are invited to the event by selecting them in the Players tab. Please note that only the players selected will have an option to Accept/Reject your invitation. Third, a combination of both, set a Number of Foursomes and make the event private, this will give you more flexibility to add players when needed.

Q. Can I have individual stroke play and a two- or four-man best ball scoring option at the same time?
A. Yes, you would select "Stroke Play" on the first tab of event creation. Then, on the "Scoring Option" tab you can add any other team option to the same event.

Q. Can I have players in my event play from different tees?
A. Yes, you can select the different tees for each player on the "Player Options" tab, this will also adjust their course handicap.

After you have created your group you can now add players. From your dashboard click on the "Menu" to the right of your group name & Index and select "Manage". Click on the "Players" button.

You have four options for adding players:

Information needed is first name, last name, email, handicap. You can click the "+" at the end to add another set of fields so you can add more than one at a time.

From Groups:
This option allows you to add players from other groups or leagues (that you are either an admin or member of) within your dashboard.

From Email:
Using this option gives you the ability to add players from your email client (example: gmail, yahoo, outlook), once you select those players they will be dropped into the manual fields so you can verify all is correct and enter handicaps (if needed).

From File:
This last option allows you to upload a "CSV - Comma-Separated" file with the same information that you use in the other options: first name, last name, email, handicap.

After you have added your players using the options above you will see what you can now do with your player list. You can search through your players, email your players, view the rounds of your players or remove players from your group.

The information will display here for how to manage your events (details coming soon).
Golf GamesKeeper allows you to score any of your events on the companion mobile app. Since you could have many event in the same week, even on the same day, the mobile app will only detect your next event 1 hour prior to your tee time and up to 2 hours after.

For scoring your event on the mobile app (iOS or Android), it is best to have at least one player in each foursome with the mobile app.

First step is to login to the app.

Mobile App Screen 1

As long as an event has been created you can "Check In" to the event. If you are not already the scorekeeper for your foursome you can "Take over Scoring".

Mobile App Screen 2

On the tee box after the first player hits you should click on the "Start Game" button. Now you just use the "+" and "-" to score each player in the group, par is the default score for each player.

Mobile App Screen 3

Once you are done scoring the event, you will want to make sure you get with all players in your foursome and check the scorecard to make sure all scores are accurate. Then just click the "Save and Close" button and you are done scoring.

If you are going to score your event on the website (meaning you will most likely not use the companion mobile app), you will need to enter each hole-by-hole score for the event and then hit the verify button for each player (one player at a time).

Click on the "Enter Scores" or "Verify Scores" button from the Dashboard to the right of the event name. Once you are on this screen you will see each players name and boxes to enter the scores for each hole. Once you have verfiied all players you will be brought directly to the results screen.

Scoring on Website 1

The information will display here on understanding the results page (details coming soon).
For printing your handicap index card you will need to go to your profile and then click on the "Handicap Index" tab, this page has your last 20 rounds played and there is a "Print your Card" button that will load your Handicap Card and you can print from that page. Your handicap is updated on the 1st and 15th of each month.