Dashboard features

  • Create events on the fly
  • See past event results
  • Register/dropout from events
  • See results from most recent events
  • Quickly edit upcoming events

Advanced leaderboard

  • Gross and Net leaders
  • Swipe left/right to see flight winners
  • Click on the player score to see hole by hole details
  • Get Skins results right away
  • Setup Nassau bets with players in different foursomes

Easy event creation

  • Create an event in minutes
  • Use GPS location or State
  • Select from over 15,000 golf courses in the US
  • Quickly move players from foursome to foursome
  • Change player index and tees

Extended Nassau results

  • Setup Nassau from players in different foursomes
  • Watch results live as you play, even from different foursomes
  • Select different amounts and types for each player
  • Get complete detailed information of your matches
  • Quickly and accurately collect at the end of the round
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